Having a stairlift in your home - An Impartial guide

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Folding the seat & footrest

If there are other people in the house, that won't be using the lift, you will want to be able to fold the chair up when you have finished.  This enables someone to walk past the lift safely.

The arms of the chairs are very light and most people are able to lift them with ease. More people struggle with lifting the seat  and more specifically the footrest.  If this will cause you problems then you need to bear this in mind when choosing  your lift.

Some manufacturers have designed a link between the footrest and the seat or the arm of the lift. When you raise the arm or seat the footrest folds up as well. This is the cheapest option but still requires some strength to lift. Try one out and see if you can get along with it. If this is too difficult then there are also powered footrest raisers that will do the job for you. These will raise the footrest at the touch of a button or in some instances when the seat pad is lifted. Inside the chair is a small motor which smoothly raises the footrest into a fully folded position. This will add to the price of the lift but, once more, there is lots of choice so shop around.

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