Having a stairlift in your home - An Impartial guide

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Safety is paramount, all stairlifts should be installed to BS 5776 safety standard, some may be CE marked. A host of safety features are included on all stairlfts, these include safety cut outs on all edges to prevent trapping or injury to the user and others.

Seatbelt or Harness


For most people a standard lap seat belt  will be sufficient. The ride quality on newer stairlifts is very good and many users feel comfortable not using a seatbelt.

However there are of course certain ailments and disabilities which make it essential to have more support. There is a wide range of harnesses available but not all of the manufacturers are able to fit them.

If you need a harness or if you may need one in the future, make sure it can be fitted to the chair that you are buying.

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