Having a stairlift in your home - An Impartial guide

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Mains or Battery powered Stairlifts

Nowadays most stairlifts are battery powered. The charger is plugged into the mains supply. Some lifts charge constantly, others when the lift is parked at the top and bottom . Some manufacturers offer the choice of mains powered lifts. The advantage of battery power is that the lift will continue to function in the event of power failure. The disadvantage is that batteries will eventually need replacing. They should however last 3/4 years. It is essential that the power supply is always connected. If you go away and turn the power off, the batteries will probably need to be replaced on your return.

Call Stations

All stairlifts should come fitted with call stations upstairs and downstairs, as standard , allowing the user to call or send the lift as required. Each manufacturer has different methods of operation. Some are hard wired, these will normally be fitted to the wall or newel post, they will require surface trunking to be fitted. Others are remote control, either using infra red or radio signal. These do not need to be attached  to any surface.

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