Having a stairlift in your home - An Impartial guide

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New or second-hand (reconditioned)

Most stairlifts can be purchased new or second-hand (reconditioned). Most reconditioned stairlifts will not look like new lifts. If you are buying second-hand, ensure that you know what you are getting. Ask for the make, model and age of the machine. Second-hand lifts will normally come with a  12 month warranty, and should be equally as reliable as new.  The life expectancy of a stairlift should be in excess of 10 years. However lifts manufactured before 1995, are unlikely to comply with current regulations.

Due to the high cost of manufacture of curved track stairlifts, a few companies 're-manufacture' curved track lifts. Whilst there is no evidence that they are not fit for purpose, they will not comply with British Standards, and the manufacturers will not support them if your supplier goes out of business. Ensure that you are not being sold second-hand as new.


Many companies offer a rental option for straight stairlifts. Most will charge an upfront fee for installation, service and removal, followed by a monthly rental fee. If you require a stairlift for anything but a very short term, it is normally cheaper to buy a second-hand lift. It is not normally possible to rent curved stairlifts.



Stairlift manufacturers recommend that you have the equipment serviced annually. The main purpose of the maintenance is to keep the lift clean to ensure it runs smoothly and most importantly to test the safety circuits. Before you buy a stairlift find out how much the company charges for service visits. Ask them what their callout charge is for breakdowns and if they will attend if you don't have a contract with them. Some companies are not interested in servicing and after sales care, consequently you could be left with a stairlift that nobody wants to maintain.

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