Having a stairlift in your home - An Impartial guide

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Sales Tips and Advice

  • Do not pay for a quotation.

  • Always get more than one quote.

  • Ask your local authority who they use.

  • Try a manufacturer and a local supplier to get a comparison.

  • When you telephone ask questions, ask for an approximate price and write it down.

  • Remember if you buy from the newspaper, it will be you paying for the advert.

  • Some companies trade using more than one name and advertise on the same page of a newspaper as if they have no connection.

  • If possible have another family member or an O/T present.

  • Ask plenty of questions about the product, take brochures and read them, know what you're buying.

  • Compare features, prioritise what is most important.

  • An independent supplier can tell you about a range of different lifts.

  • Ask about maintenance costs, will they still look after your lift even if you don't sign up to an expensive contract?

  • A reputable firm will always maintain your lift.

  • Who will look after your lift if it breaks down?

  • How many service branches do they have?

  • How many engineers do they have in your area?

  • Are you paying too much? Many salesmen start with a high price and discount to close a sale. A reputable company will quote the best price from the start.

  • Do not feel pressurised into signing up on the day. This is a sure sign that the salesman is hiding something from you.

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