Having a stairlift in your home - An Impartial guide

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A downstairs Bedroom

Many people do not like this idea, especially where there is no downstairs toilet and there is only one living room. It may be the practical solution if you are bed ridden and would otherwise be isolated upstairs.

Choosing a Lift

Let us assume that you have decided that you need some sort of lift. If you are wheelchair bound, or likely to be in the future, a through floor wheelchair lift is likely to be the best option, particularly if transfers are a problem.

Try before you buy

Each persons requirements are different. There are several manufacturers of stairlifts and  each of them has a variety of options that have been designed for specific mobility issues. This is why it is important for you to seek information from someone that has experience of all the lifts, so that they can advise you which is the most suitable for your condition. You should therefore try out a stairlift or through floor lift before you spend any money. You can do this at a demonstration centre, local showroom or in someone's home.

You should be aware that the price of lifts  can vary greatly so when seeking advice, always ask more than one company. There is more information on this later on in the booklet.

Demonstration Centres

There are over 40 Disabled Living Centres (or Independent Living Centres) in the UK. Most of these have a range of stairlifts for you to try. The Centres themselves have well informed and helpful staff, many of whom are occupational therapists or physiotherapists, and can give impartial advice. Dolphin Stairlifts also have many showrooms throughout the UK with products on show from the leading manufacturers.

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